Infographics worth a thousand words

Spotlight on Operations Management and Insight

With lots of information to impart, the VMware vRealize Suite Standard and vSphere with Operations Management teams were looking for a graphical way to tell their product stories. They wanted an engaging look and a clear metaphor that would demonstrate the value proposition, while still getting across the many product features and functions.


  • Infographics Strategy
  • Creative & Design
  • Copywriting
  • Project Management

Taking the messages from zero to sixty

Starting with vRealize Suite Standard, we worked collaboratively with the client to understand the customer's primary pain points, and developed a narrative that would help communicate the story at a glance. The resulting infographic was so well-received, we were asked to create an infographic for a related product, vSphere with Operations Management. While not specifically tasked to do so, we felt it important to have a consistent look and feel, and were able to extend the concept with a similar theme and structure to maximize the synergy.