VMware Cloud Seeker

VMware vCloud Air Network

Playing to win

A break-through way to promote partners

The vCloud Air Network marketing lead wanted to promote service provider partners and reach new customers in a unique and social way. Research showed that advergaming - the combination of advertising and video gaming - builds brand awareness, strong engagement, and is a compelling and effective way to educate and inform, as well as being an inherently viral marketing asset. With a 30x higher clickthrough rate than standard banner ads and a strong alignment to the IT audience, a mobile game would be a compelling asset to promote through all channels: website, social media, PR, email, and advertising. Working together, we developed the strategy, made the business case, and created VMware's first mobile game, "Cloud Seeker."


  • Strategic Planning
  • Creative Development / Direction
  • Project Management
  • Game Development
  • Creative Services
  • Promotions
  • Video Production
  • Website Design

Reach your ideal cloud with Cloud Seeker

"Cloud Seeker" is a fun, engaging mobile game for iOS and Android devices that tangibly demonstrates the challenges IT professionals face when moving to a public or hybrid cloud environment. In the race to reach your ideal cloud, players avoid obstacles and accelerate their progress with the help that partners provide. Within the gameplay, users view enablement tutorials that tie into the service features and highlight the benefits of working with VMware vCloud Air Network service providers. There are also multiple opportunities to enter an opt-in contest on the Cloud Seeker landing page for lead-capture. View some game screens below, watch the Cloud Seeker video trailer, or download the game from the Apple App Store or Google Play.